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Hello there, I'm Mel.

I'm a massage and bodywork therapist, licensed marriage and family therapist associate, energy-work facilitator, and reiki master teacher. I have had a long healing journey and am familiar with anxiety and chronic pain and how they can impact being able to play in life and connect with loved ones. As a mom of four in a blended family, cultivating my inner peace and balance supports how I show up for my kiddos and partner - and my ability to enjoy the simple things in life.

Research continues to build on our understanding of the benefits massage offers people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Massage can be an effective and inexpensive way to help improve mental health, particularly as it relates to chronic pain, sleep and stress.  Stress is a sickness - too much stress from your job, your relationships, and even the news can have consequences on your health that manifest in physical ways. Although you can't stop your body's reaction to stress, you can manage and mediate it. How you react to stressors matters. Massage therapy has a positive impact on both body and mind.

As a massage and bodywork therapist, I'll guide our time using an integrative approach to relieve tension and chronic pain (two major manifestations of stress and anxiety). I provide a safe, empathetic connection via touch to help you slow down, breathe and reconnect with your body. 

I believe true healing happens on an energetic level. The mind, body and spirit must all align energetically in order to achieve and maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Because of this philosophy, I encourage healing through a variety of techniques to facilitate positive energetic shifts within one's life. Your whole self needs to be here to experience the happiness you deserve - for your soul to feel it's worth. 

You already know how to heal yourself, I'm just here to help you remember.


Blue Water
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